Low-foaming normal temperature immersion cleaning agents

PAKUNA LF-612N2 is a phosphorus-free alkaline cleaning agent for steel, copper and brass, which exhibits consistent performance in cleaning a large stained area at low operating temperature. It is a low-foaming cleaning agent that has negligible foaming, whether in use or during discharge.

• With savings in heating expenses, energy costs such as for heavy oil and electric power is

• Low-foaming property produces negligible foaming whether in use or during discharge.
• Improvement to productivity, shortening of processing time due to superior cleaning

performance, and reduction in heating up time can be expected.

• Can be use in normal room temperature, allowing for a safer and improved work


Product specifications


Appearance Light yellow – light reddish-brown powder

The product color tone has no effect on its performance.

Usage conditions (standard)

Concentration 30~60g/L
Temperature 25~55℃
Time Can vary depending on the state of the covered stains, but is suitable for operations both inside and outside the process line.

* The above is the standard usage conditions. Usage conditions may vary, depending on the state of the grease and dirt for removal

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