Rust-resistant neutralizing agent for pickled steel plate

ALUNION M-5 is a neutralizing rust-resistant formulation for pickled steel plates, developed as an alternative to hazardous cyanide-base agents. Non-hazardous and cyanide-free.

Steel plates pickled by hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid are covered with metal salts that cannot be washed away by water cleaning. The use of ALUNION M-5 removes any complex salts that remain on the pickled steel plates, to give a homogeneous, white steel surface. Also, it exhibits a temporary rust-resistant effect.

Product specifications


Appearance Light yellow liquid

Usage conditions (standard)

Concentration 0.5~2%
Temperature Normal temperature to 90
Time 2 – 5 minutes

* The concentrations used should be 0.5 – 1.0 at elevated temperature processing, and 1 – 2 at normal temperature processing.

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