High-speed tin plating brighteners

METASU SNV-200A/B is a high-speed tin plating brightener developed for lead-free plating.

・A homogeneous lustrous appearance can be obtained over a electric current density range.
・A consistent characteristics can be obtained, with negligible discoloration seen after reflow.
・With high defoaming performance, it is suitable for partial plating.

Product specifications

Usage conditions (standard)

Item Bath makeup concentration Concentration for monitoring
Composition Methuss AM 93 ml/L
(Bath concentration: 120 ml / L)
80-160 ml/L
METASU SM-2 225 ml/L
(Sn :45 g/L)
Sn:30-60 g/L
METASU SNV-200A 60 ml/L 40-80 ml/L
METASU SNV-200B 30 ml/L 10-45 ml/L
Condition Bath temperature 25℃ (20-30℃)
Electric current density 5-20 ASD
Anode High purity tin (99.99% and above is recommended)
Agitation Pump circulation, material set in motion
Filtration Continuous filtration by filter with thickness 1-5um

* Conditions can be set accordingly to match the usage method.

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