METASU FZ-77M2 (T) / ZB-627G (T)

Zinc plating brightener for high-speed high-concentration chloride bath

The METASU FZ-77M2 is the first of its kind, high-speed zinc plating bath process to achieve a plating speed of 3μm/minute.
It has wide coverage from high-speed zinc plating to moderate speed plating for cast iron.

• High-speed plating process of 3um/min.
• In-line processing of zinc plating becomes possible.
• Typical issues of high-speed plating such as high zinc concentrations and decomposition of

  the brightener are resolved.
• By resolving the brightener decomposition issue, continuous usage of a stable plating solution

  becomes possible.

Product specifications


Appearance Light yellow – yellowish-brown liquid (FZ-77M2(T))
Light yellow – yellowish-brown liquidZB-627G(T)

Use conditions (standard)

Composition Item Condition
Zinc metal 30~50g/L
Ammonium chloride 180~250g/L
METASU FZ-77M2 (T) 0.05~0.2L/KAH
METASU ZB-627G (T) 0.01~0.40L/KAH
Condition pH 5.7~6.0
Bath temperature 2030℃:Increases with the use of higher speeds
Cathode electric current density 3~12 A/d㎡
Anode electric current density 5 A/d and below
Anode purity 99.99%
Anode shielding plate Required
Agitation Air blow or jet stream (air blow is preferred)
Filtration Continuous filtration 2 -3 revolution/hr

Bath makeup method

Chemicals Initial makeup concentration Remarks
Zinc chloride 80g/L Use high purity product (99.99%)
Ammonium chloride 210g/L Use high purity product (99.99%)
Ammonia water Recommended amount For pH adjustment (pH5.5 and above)
METASU FZ-77M2 (T) 30ml/L
METASU ZB-627G (T) 1ml/L

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