Immersion cleaning agents used with ultrasonic agitation

PAKUNA FD-102N(T) is an immersion liquid-type alkaline cleaning agent suitable for use on iron, copper and aluminum based metallic materials. It is bottled in a concentrated form and dilution with water before use is necessary. Can be use for different cleaning purposes, by varying the dilution ratio.

• A single cleaning bath is possible, as it is suitable for use on many types of metallic


• At low concentration, it can be use on resin and painted surfaces.

• Can be used in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaning, as it has little damping on the cavitation


• Suitable for removing the buffing compounds on aluminum materials.

Product specifications


Appearance Colorless transparent – slightly suspended liquid

* Does not affect the performance of the color shade of the product

Usage conditions (standard)

Concentration 40~60 g/L
Temperature 50~70℃

* The above is the standard usage conditions. May varies depending on the state of the oil and dirt to be removed.

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