Zinc plating brightener for high performance alkaline bath

METASU ZES is a brightener for barrel-type alkaline bath, formulated to improve productivity, throwing power and moderate to low electropolish performance.

• Fast plating speed applicable for short interval processing.
• Excellent throwing power performance.
• Attractive luster and good compatibility with chromate.
• Does not burn easily which allows for use of high current density.
• High concentration formulation so the usage amount is reduced compared to conventional

• Handling is easier as it can be used for up to 35℃.
• Wastewater treatment is simple.

Product specifications


Appearance Colorless – yellow liquid (ZES-M)
Light brown – brown liquid (ZES-G)
Colorless liquid (ZES-R)
Colorless liquid (ZES-U)

Usage conditions (standard)

Item Range Remarks
Composition Zinc 7~14g/L
Caustic soda 110~150g/L
METASU ZES-M 2~8ml/L Wetter
METASU ZES-G 0.2~1.0ml/L Brightener
METASU ZES-R 5~15ml/L Chelating agents
METASU ZES-U 0~4ml/L Low current brightener auxiliary agent
Condition Temperature 20~35℃
Cathode electric current density 0.4~1.5 A/dm2 The maximum cathode current density changes according to the zinc concentration and stirring.
Current efficiency 60~80% Differs for various current density settings.
Precipitation speed 0.25μm / min (1A / dm2)

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