Absolutely cyanide-free electrolytic cleaning agents

PAKUNA ELECTOR FLS(T) is a cyan-free electrolytic cleaning agent for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Exhibits impressive cleaning power comparable to cyan-electrolyte, and reduces the number of plating rejects. Also has excellent neutralization and settleability for heavy metals in wastewater treatment. Bath installation and replenishment is simplified since it is a liquid.

Electrolytic cleaning for steel, iron, brass, gun metal, etc prior to plating

• Wastewater treatment is satisfactory.
• Comparable performance to cyan-bath without the cyan.
• Plated surface with an attractive luster can be obtained.
• Exhibits powerful cleaning actions in the removal of buffing compounds, smuts and rusts.
• High inhibition against iron plating phenomena.
• Also ideal for treatment of copper, brass and gun metal.
• Extremely long life when compared to conventional non-cyan bath.

Product specifications


Appearance Brown liquid

Usage conditions (standard)

Ferrous metal Non-ferrous metal
Bath Bath made of polyvinyl chloride or with rubber lining
Pole plate Carbon plate or iron plate Carbon plate
Air exhaust facility Installation of air exhaust facility is advisable for work environment considerations
Filtration facility An overflow circulation is advisable
Usage conditions
Temperature Room temperature – 50
Polarity Cathode, anode, PR method Cathode
Electric current density 3~10 A/d㎡
Time 30 – 180 seconds 10 – 90 seconds
Bath makeup
ELECTOR FLS(T) Standard 50ml/L30 – 60ml/L
Caustic soda Standard 50g/L
Use 30g/L or more
Standard 30g/L
Use at around 30g/L

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