METASU YC process

High corrosion resistance is achieved by applying a zinc-aluminum composite rust-resistant coating, enabling the service life extension of key parts for our customers.

Superior consistent coating performance prevents recess-fill problems

The excellent wettability and thixotropic performance of METASU YC create consistent coating and greatly reduces recess of the head

Self-healing feature makes it resistant against scratch and maintain consistent high corrosion resistance

A unique formula and technology make it highly resistant to corrosion even when the surface is scratched or damaged.

SST (Salt Spray Test) SST mode : JIS Z2371 (ISO 9227 ; 1990 (MOD))
  • 0hr

  • 1500hr

  • 2500hr

※ SST test is performed after an impact wrench is used for 3 cycles of "tightening and loosening"

Mechanism of corrosion resistance

Reference values for the specifications and corrosion-resistant performance which are selectable

Each corrosion-resistant performance can be tuned by selecting the processing conditions.

1C1B 2C2B 2C2B + 1T
SST 500hr SST 2,000hr SST 3,000hr

C:METASU YC-B (base coat)

B:Baking (baking)

T:METASU YC-T (top coat)

Various types of top coats for different coefficients of friction

A lineup of top coats catered for each automobile maker

Top coats lineup

Product Name Color Coefficient of friction
YC-T Clear 0.30 - 0.35
YC-T20 Blue 0.18 - 0.22
YC-T15 Clear 0.14 - 0.17
YC-T08 Red 0.077 - 0.085

※ Possible to adjust the coefficient of friction to outside of its range. Feel free to make an inquiry.

Fabrication process and production capacity

Production capacity: 22ton/month and 8h/day *production capacity is being increased sequentially

●Fabrication process

Cleaning line

Short blast


Baking(270℃, 30min)

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