Sealer for trivalent chromium black passivation

• Finishing agent for trivalent chrome passivation that uses trivalent chrome.

• Produces a highly-reflective homogeneous black finish.
• Aging of the finishing agent does not degrade the performance and consistent quality is

ensured for a long period of time which allows for service life extension.

• Suitable for processing of pressed products and bolts.
• Maintenance is made simple as there is no negative effect on the equipment.
• Resistance to scratch and corrosion is enhanced.
• Conventional chromate equipment can be used.

Product specifications


Appearance Dark green neutral liquid (METASU CR-U7L
Colorless transparent – slightly turbid neutral liquid (METASU CR-I2

Bath makeup

Chemicals used Usage range
METASU CR-U7L 100~250ml/L
METASU CR-I2 5~20ml/L

Usage conditions

Item Range Remarks
Process temperature 35~50℃
Process time 3-10 seconds
pH 5.5~7.0 Standard bath setup is pH6.
Agitation Air agitation or vibratory agitation are to be used.

Replenish conditions

Chemicals used Replenishment reference (standard)
METASU CR-U7L 100 ~ 250ml / basket (50Kg)
METASU CR-I2 5 ~ 20ml / basket (50Kg)
Caustic soda 25% pH adjustment

* Replenish according to drag-out amount. 

Note: 50kg basket: approx. 1L drag-out/basket, 100kg basket: approx. 2L drag-out/basket.

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