Immersion cleaning agents

PAKUNA THE-210 is a revolutionary degreasing agent that is superior in both cleaning performance at normal temperature and wastewater treatment.
It is used for surface cleaning of steel and other materials to remove deposits after processes such as rolling lubrication, press cuttings, welding and polishing, and also as a cleaning agent for iron and copper alloy prior to such surface processing.

• Costs spent on heating up can be significantly reduced, since it exhibits exceptional

cleaning power at normal operating temperature and is effective in degreasing large

oil-stained area.

• Can be use for the entire range from normal operating temperating to 90℃.

• The flocculation of heavy metals and floc settability is greatly enhanced, compared to

conventional cleaning agents at normal operating temperature .

• Formulated as a low COD cleaning agent, the measured COD value is reduced to one-third

as compared with conventional products (our comparison).

• No negative results on processing caused by foaming whether in use or during wastewater


Product specifications


Appearance White – light yellow powder

* The product color tone has no effect on its performance.

Usage conditions (standard)

Concentration 30~60g/L
Temperature 20~90℃
Time Can vary depending on the state of the covered stains, but is suitable for operations both inside and outside the process line.

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