High-speed matte tin plating brighteners

METASU FSM-07 is a matte tin plating brightener developed for use on a lead-free plated film.

・A coating with excellent solder wettability can be obtained.
・With a wide electric current density range, a coating with consistent appearance can be obtained.
・Is applicable for tin reflow.

Product specifications

Usage conditions (standard)

Item Bath makeup concentration Concentration for monitoring
Composition METASU AM 90 ml/L 80-200 ml/L
METASU SM-2 250 ml/L
(Sn :50 g/L)
Sn:30-80 g/L
METASU FSM-07 50 ml/L 25-75 ml/L
Condition Bath temperature 40℃ (35-50℃)
Electric current density 5-20 ASD
Anode High purity tin (99.99% and above is recommended)
Agitation Pump circulation, material set in motion
Filtration Continuous filtration by filter with thickness 1-5um

* Conditions can be set accordingly to match the usage method.

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