Immersion and electrolytic combined action cleaning agents

A powerful cleaning agent that combines immersion and electrolytic cleaning actions, allowing a rapid removal of deposited press lubricants, machining lubricants, rust-resistant lubricants, buffing compounds, smuts, etc.

• Primary electrolytic action rapidly removes dirt, producing a very powerful cleaning


• Effective for removing stubborn oils and dirts by combining immersion and electrolytic

action with a well constructed process line.

• Ideal cleaning performance for stacked parts and joints due to diffusive action.

• Satisfactory cleaning results can be obtained for problematic poorly plated parts from initial

stage electrolysis.
• Good wastewater treatment as it does not have negative affects on the settability of heavy


Product specifications


Appearance White – reddish-brown powder
The product color tone has no effect on its performance.

The product color tone has no effect on its performance.

Usage conditions (standard)

<Immersion cleaning>

Concentration 30~60g/L
Temperature 40~70℃
Time 2 – 10 minutes

<Electrolytic cleaning>

Concentration 60~100g/L
Temperature 50~70℃
Time 1 – 3 minutes
Polarity + or + primary PR electrolysis
Current density 0.5~3.0 A/d㎡
Pole plate Steel plate or carbon plate

* The above is the standard usage conditions. May varies depending on the state of the oil and dirt to be removed.

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