Additive for alkaline electrolytic cleaning

ALUNION 219 is liquid product formulated mainly as a surfactant, developed to accelerate the degreasing power of the alkaline electrolytic bath and to prevent mist.

• Can improve the work environment with a small amount applied, as it suppresses the

  formation of mist during electrolytic cleaning, which can contain harmful compounds such

  as alkali or cyan.
Also, the degreasing power increased with the amount used.
• Absorbs the active agents in the electrolytic bath, and does not affect the foaming

  characteristics for water cleaning and post-processes.

Product specifications


Appearance Colorless viscous liquid

Usage conditions (standard)

Mist prevention
Addition amount for electrolytic bath 0.02~0.05g/L
) Degreasing power enhancement
Addition amount for electrolytic bath 0.5~4.0g/L

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