Additive to reduce total friction coefficient for trivalent passivation film

METASU YFA-L is an additive formulated to reduce the total friction coefficient when added to a trivalent chromium passivation agent.
The corrosion resistance and wastewater treatment of the trivalent chromium passivation will not be affected.

・The total friction coefficient can be lowered by adding directly to the trivalent chromium conversion coating bath.

・The corrosion resistance and wastewater treatment will not be affected.
・The surface can appear to have a slightly darker tone as compared to normal processing.

Product specifications


Appearance Reddish-brown slightly turbid liquid

Usage conditions

Use conditions Use chemicals Additive amount
METASU YFA-L 0.3~5ml/L

* Add a small amount each time with the solution well-stirred. 

The total friction coefficient decreases by adding METASU YFA-L, and finally reaches a constant value.
It will not change much even with further amount added.

Replenish conditions

Chemicals used Replenishment reference (standard)
METASU YFA-L 0.5~1.0ml/100d㎡

* Verify before adding as the replenish amount differs for each line.

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