Immersion and electrolytic cleaning agents

PAKUNA ELECTOR F-155NK is a cleaning agents developed for reel-to-reel and hoop plating lines, which can be used for either immersion or electrolysis.

• Can be used for immersion, spray and electrolysis.
• Can be used for steel, copper and copper alloys.
• Exhibits superior cleaning performance in the mid to high temperature range.
• Exceptionally remarkable cleaning performance.
• Can be used for a wide range of concentrations.

Product specifications


Appearance White – light yellow powder

* The product color tone has no effect on its performance.

Usage conditions (standard)

Usage instructions Immersion Spray Electrolysis
Concentration to be used 10~50g/L 30~50g/L 40~100g/L
Operating temperature 45~60℃ 70~80℃ 50~80℃
Electric current density 1~10A/dm2
Electrolysis polarity +,-,PR

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