One component liquid cleaning agent

PAKUNA PRC-32L(T) is a class I solvent liquid cleaning agent, formulated with superior degreasing power for surface treatment processes such as plating, painting, enameling and others.

• High diffusion power, high wettability: Rapid cleaning is possible even for oil masses and


• High cleaning power: Effective cleaning even for hard to clean materials.

• Reuse: The cleaning agent can be recycled by using with a purification agent PAKUNA

RPC-10F. Largely cut down on waste liquid and waste materials.

• Self-management: Self-analysis and self-replenishment is possible with the implementation

of a self-management system (separate product).

Product specifications


Appearance White – reddish-brown liquid suspension

The product color tone has no effect on its performance

Use conditions (standard)

Concentration 30~100 g/L
Temperature 50~80℃

* The above is the standard usage conditions. May varies depending on the state of the oil and dirt to be removed.

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