Trivalent chromium clear passivation agent for barrel plating

A passivation agent formulated for barrel plating, with excellent corrosion resistance and a coefficient of friction similar to hexavalent chromate.

・Coefficient of friction similar to hexavalent chromate can be obtained.
・Conversion coating agent that uses trivalent chromium.
・A coating with high corrosion resistance can be obtained with a single coat.
・Possess self-healing properties.
・Resistance to heat and corrosion is enhanced.
・Conventional chromating facilities can be used.

Product specifications


Appearance Dark purple strongly acidic liquid (METASU YFA-ML (T))
Dark purple strongly acidic liquid (METASU YFA-MLR)
Transparent colloidal liquid (METASU YFA-HR)

Bath makeup

Chemicals used Usage range
METASU YFA-ML (T) 50~150ml/L

Bath makeup

Item Range Remarks
Process temperature 30~50℃
Process time 2060 seconds
pH 1.8~2.2 Verify pH value before using. Adjust using caustic soda or nitric acid if the pH value falls outside of the specified range.
Agitation Use a slow pomp-stir setting to allow the concentration of the processing liquid to become homogeneous.
To prevent any damage to the surface, allow for 5 to 6 seconds of stoppage time before lifting the basket containing the processed products from the vibratory stir.

Usage conditions

Chemicals used Replenishment reference (standard)
METASU YFA-MLR 20ml/100d㎡
METASU YFA-HR 2~6ml/100d㎡

* Adjust so that the pH value is within the specified range.

 Replenish i the ratio of YFA-MLRYFA-HR = 101 – 3

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