Cleaning agents applicable for immersion and spray cleaning of parts

PAKUNA FD-22 is a parts cleaning agent developed for use on iron and aluminum, available in immersion and spray form. It is effective in removing various kinds of grease, and negligible amount of the cleaning agent remains even when drying it right after cleaning, giving a high rust resistance.

• Available for use as immersion and spray type, it has superior cleaning power for various

kinds of dirt such as grease and metallic residues.

• Since it does not contain any inorganic compounds, occurrences of white powdery specks

are low giving a pleasant appearance after cleaning.

• Aluminum materials are not etched.

• Corrosion resistance of iron and aluminum are superbly enhanced.

• In liquid form, replenishment tasks are made simple without the hustle of

powder dust of the powder form.

• As a reference, dilute with water by 10 - 100 times when used as a solvent.

• Water soluble and non-flammable makes it safe for handling.

Product specifications


Appearance Colorless clear to brown liquid

* Does not affect the performance of the color shade of the product

Usage conditions (standard)

Concentration 10~100 ml/L
Temperature 50~80℃
Time 1-20 minutes
Spray pressure 0.1~0.5 MPa

* The above is the standard usage conditions. May varies depending on the state of the oil and dirt to be removed.

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