METASU MZ-22M (T) / MZ-22GR (T)

Zinc plating brightener for high temperature acid bath

The prevention of greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide produced from system that derives energy from burning fossil fuels, and reduction of industrial waste materials have become worldwide issues. METASU MZ-22, a zinc plating brightener for high temperature acid bath can be said to have been developed to mitigate these issues. By making it possible to be used at high bath temperature (30 to 45℃), electric power required for cooling is reduced leading to an energy-efficient system and lower electricity costs. Industrial waste material is reduced since the increase of plating solutions due to cooling is prevented.

• Suitable for a wide number of plating bath, an attractive shiny plated film can be obtained

  for a wide range of bath temperature ranging 20 - 60℃.
However, an operating range of 30 - 45℃ is recommended, for the brightener to display

  its true performance and merits.
A plating bath with a higher temperature has the following merits.
①Processing can continue without having to cool down the plating solution.
②There will be no increase in the amount of plating liquid used.
③Productivity is improved due to a higher electrical conductivity during plating.
④Physical aspects of plated film is improved with excellent properties for secondary

      processing, and chipping is prevented.
⑤Chromate adhesion improves.
• Usable for all ammonium bath and ammonium-potassium (1:1 ratio) bath
• Working environment is improved due to reduced mist and odor.

Product specifications


Appearance Brown liquid (MZ-22M (T))
Brown liquid (MZ-22GR (T))
The color tone has no effect on the performance.

Use conditions (standard)

Item Monitoring range Remarks
Composition Zinc chloride 30~60g/L Monitor by analysis.
Zinc metal 15~30g/L Monitor by analysis.
All chlorides 180~220g/L Monitor by analysis. Concentration decrease means a drop in covering power.
All chlorines 120~160g/L Monitor by analysis. Concentration decrease means a drop in covering power.
METASU MZ-22M (T) 0.1~0.2L/KAH Set according to the barrel outgoing amount
METASU MZ-22GR (T) 0.1~0.4L/KAH Consumption amount increases for high temperature bath.
Condition pH 5.5~6.3 Monitor by pH meter.
Bath temperature 20~60℃ Consumption amount for GR(T) increases for high temperature bath.
Cathode electric current  0.5~1.5 A/dm2 Each barrel electric current value is set according to the barrel shape, plated object shapes and the input amount.
density High purity zinc (99.99%) Titanium case usage is possible.
Anode Continuous filtration A filtration capacity of 2 to 4 times the amount of plating solution per hour is required.

Bath makeup method

Chemicals Ammonium bath bath Remarks
Zinc chloride 40g/L 40g/L 99% high purity product
Ammonium chloride 200g/L 100g/L For industrial or food additives use.
Potassium chloride 100g/L End products
METASU MZ-22M (T) 30ml/L 30ml/L Brightener for bath makeup and replenishment
METASU MZ-22GR (T) 0.5~3ml/L 0.5~3ml/L Brightener for bath makeup and replenishment

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